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Did you know, Cryotherapy can assist in reducing anxiety & depression?

Adelaide's First Whole-Body Cryotherapy Facility​

Once it was an exclusive experience for the privileged: top athletes, teams, models and celebrities. Now, for the first time in Australia, it’s available to anyone who cares about how they perform, age and look thanks to Minus110. Embrace a super-climate like no other. A super climate that accelerates re-invigoration and body replenishment, kick-starts your senses and restores physical and mental balance.

Turbocharge your metabolism

Forget fad diets, excessive exercise and dangerous fat loss pills. Harnessing the power of the cold is one of the safest and least invasive approaches to weight loss.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy (WBC) has become a very popular way to assist with weight loss. It is able to help clients with their weight loss goals both directly and indirectly. A single 3 minute session WBC session will burn a significant amount of calories and increase your metabolic rate leading to increased caloric expenditure for hours after the session has ended.

A unique feature of WBC is its ability to activate what is known as ‘brown fat’. Brown fat is a direct contrast to the common, stubborn ‘white fat’, and burns through calories at an extremely high rate rather than sticking to your hips, stomach and other unwanted areas. Brown fat has one important role: raising body temperature. 

This means that when you are put into our cryotherapy chamber at -110C, your body converts white fat to brown fat in order to raise your body’s temperature so that you can sustain this extreme cold. Repeated exposure to extreme cold triggers your body’s conversion of white fat to brown fat, meaning that you are burning more calories – all in a matter of minutes!

Health & Wellness

Whole Body Cryotherapy has been used throughout Europe for decades as an innovative treatment designed to optimise your body’s natural and unique ability to heal and rejuvenate.

It has the potential to positively mitigate the effect of a broad range of diseases and health issues.

Some of the benefits to your health and wellness may include:

  • Pain relief and pain elimination for extended periods of time
  • Reduction of inflammation and pain associated with joint disorders and metabolic diseases
  • Positive immune response
  • Facilitation of recovery for muscular and mental fatigue
  • Elimination of stress and anxiety
  • Regulation and stabilisation of REM sleep


Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is fundamentally different to Cryosaunas. The below table outlines the key differences, for more detailed information.
Whole Body Cryotherapy Complete Brain & Body Response Partial Body Cryotherapy Minimal Brain and Body Response
Breathable Cold Air Non Breathable Cold Air, Nitrogen Vapour Present
Large & Luxury Chamber Design Medium or Small Size Tube Design
Siggi and I can't recommend cryotherapy enough! It is our only form of recovery and helps us maintain peak form through the entire year. The girls are great and we suggest everyone goes to try a session. You'll become addicted
Annalisa Zoanetti
I have been recommending Minus 110 to all my friends for a long time. Great service and a friendly team of employees. I came in with an injury in my back that my physio was unable to fix. After a few sessions i no longer had any issued with my back, and subsequently my sleeping patterns improved as well.
David Dellaverde
Sooo good for recovery, awesome for injuries! It is an Athletes dream center for healing.
Jordan Steffens