Kerri Reilly

Amazing experience. Friendly staff. Great venue. Easy parking. Definitely going back. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Anthony O’Brien

couldn’t speak highly enough of the benefit of whole body cryotherapy. After heavy weight training I often feel lower back pain for days after but after visiting minus 110 I could not believe the difference. You can feel the benefit almost straight away, I walked… Read More »Anthony O’Brien

Carmel Cotis

I was totally amazed at the results after my first session . I signed up for for 10 sessions . staff are friendly and very supportive . I will certainly be spreading the word to all my peeps about the best secret

Julie O’Brien

Whole Body Cryotherapy has changed my life for the better. 6 months ago, I was on 9 different medications and in chronic pain. I am now on 1tablet and feel like I am living again rather than just surviving. Highly highly recommend.